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Corporate Travel

Planning travel for a company retreat can be a huge undertaking. You need to book rooms, arrange food, and organize meeting rooms and fun for a whole group. You’ll want someone with connections, who’s been on the ground, and can make recommendations and arrangements that perfectly suit your vision.

Giselle has years of experience with corporate travel. She has also seen how quickly it can all go wrong without proper planning and support. For this reason, she has decided to offer corporate travel packages that include everything a company retreat will require, including the things you haven’t even thought of yet!

If you’ve been charged with planning your company travel, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the small details and the big essentials. Trust Giselle to put her skills to use. She’ll ensure you have the perfect venue, accommodations, meeting rooms, and rest spaces. Corporate travel planned by Giselle at Dream Getaways takes care of all the extra touches and will make you a winner with your whole team. Every member of your team will feel cared for and engaged, and they’ll come back to the office excited about contributing to the company that looks after them so well.

Destination Weddings

If you’ve chosen a destination wedding, you need someone who will make sure it comes together perfectly. You want this trip to last in memories and photos for lifetimes. Giselle at Dream Getaways will make that happen for you.

A destination wedding can involve an enormous amount of planning and preparation. You have all the normal craziness and chaos that comes with a wedding, plus travel, often to a place you aren’t super familiar with. And, of course, it’s a wedding, so it has to be perfect! This is the whole mission of Dream Getaways, to turn your dream into reality. Giselle wants your day to be the stuff of fairytales. The bride and groom should feel at ease, able to focus fully on love, and the wedding party should be able to simply relax and have a good time, feeling grateful to be included.

Giselle has contacts around the world and is able to connect you to the right people who will make sure every detail is covered. While she takes care of all the travel arrangements, she relies on the experience and integrity of her onsite event planners to take care of the rest. Choose from a variety of enchanting venues to create your unique and memorable destination wedding. Relax and rely on Giselle’s trusted connections to get this done for you, so all you have to think of is your happily ever after.

All Inclusive Resorts

All inclusive resorts are so often the best way to go! If you don’t know the area, you’re new to travel, or if you have small children or elderly travel companions, it can be so helpful to just have one place that offers everything you need. Dream Getaways has connections to all inclusive resorts in dozens of countries, from tropical islands to snowy mountains.

The only thing you need to do is tell Giselle at Dream Getaways what kind of experience you want, and she’ll match you to the all inclusive resort that will offer everything you hope for. The joy of these resorts is that you pay one fee, and never have to worry about anything once you arrive. Your hotel will pick you up at the airport, shuttle you around, feed you, and plan everything from adventures or spa days, according to your preferences.

With small kids, it can be helpful to have safe and secure childcare onsite, as well as plenty to keep your high energy children busy and having fun. With older, or more settled couples, it’s nice to have fun a wide variety of activities at the resort or close by, as well as a nice relaxing environment. Perhaps you’re planning a bachelorette or bachelor party, or a couple’s retreat. There’s an all inclusive resort for every need, and Giselle has a line on virtually all of them.

Wedding Photography

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Company Events

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