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Giselle Chaput / Owner, Agent

Meet Giselle

Giselle is one of those rare people who has found a way to live her own dream, and help others do the same. Hence, the name Dream Getaways. She has spent her entire life doing what she loves - traveling, adventuring, meeting people, and building community. She has built a business out of helping others do the same. Giselle has two passions: travel and people. Finding a way to make a living by bringing her two passions together has truly been a dream come true. She not only loves the people she meets around the world, but she also stays connected to those people, so that she can refer you to the perfect partners for your trip. Even better, she is excited to meet you, and make your dream getaway come to life as well! She knows the right hotels, the fun adventures, and the most memorable events. When you work with Giselle, you benefit from years and years of her travel experience.

Why Use A Travel Agent?

Travel can be exhausting if you don’t know what you’re doing. How many times have you heard the expression “I need a vacation from my vacation?” How many times have you lived it? Yes, of course, travel will take a lot of energy on its own, from plane trips to adventure experiences, but planning and organizing your trip doesn’t have to take so much out of you. You can save all that energy for your actual trip when you call Giselle at Dream Getaways. She handles all the details, picks the perfect hotel, and maps out your entire experience for you, ensuring you have a great time just being on vacation.

Most people who try to plan their own travel are going in blind, never having been to a place, not really sure of what to expect, and feeling insecure when something goes wrong. Giselle relieves you of all that. She is your eyes and ears on the ground, and she is your backup plan when the unexpected happens. She’ll be your midnight phone call when you lose your passport and your last minute text message when you feel spontaneous. This is the joy of a travel agent, at least one like Giselle.  

What Sets Us Apart

With Giselle, it’s personal. She really will answer your call at midnight, and she really will jump into action if you decide to plan something last minute. Her services are all inclusive and fully dedicated to making your dream getaway a trip to remember. She adores travel, and she wants you to feel that way, too. While many travel agents will plan a trip for you and send you off with best wishes, Giselle takes your trip with you – in spirit of course. She is fully invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, and that you come back again and again, seeking new adventures and making new plans. Giselle not only loves to travel herself, but she also enjoys living vicariously through your travel. She takes your vision and your hopes and makes real travel magic with them. Travel agents like Giselle are few and far between.

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