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Sioux Falls SD #1 travel agent. Corporate travel, family vacations, honeymoons and more. Whatever your dream getaway is, we can get you there!  If you are looking for a romantic destination for a wedding, honeymoon, or vow renewal, we have wonderful options for a stress free trip. We are your customized honeymoon planner in Sioux Falls, SD.

Honeymoon Planning

honeymoon planning Sioux Falls SD

There are few times in you life when you can experience all of the romance and magic of your honeymoon.  We can help you plan a dream trip so you can focus your attention on planning your big day!

We can sit down with you and determine the best location for your budget and your interests!  Request a quote or contact us to start planning the trip of your life!

Honeymoons SD planners

Tips for planning a great Honeymoon!

There are a lot of things to consider when planning your wedding.  Here are some of the items we consider priorities to consider at the beginning of your Honeymoon planning process.

Set your budget!

Before you can really get into all of the honeymoon planning details, you really need to have a budget figured out.  Knowing how much you are willing to spend impacts the length, location, and accommodations for your honeymoon.

When should I start planning my Honeymoon?

Well... pretty soon after engagement!  Planning a wedding is a stressful time in everyone's life - The honeymoon isn't something you should put off until the very end.  Contacting an agency like Dream Getaways helps reduce the stress of your vacation planning so you can focus on Wedding planning.  The earlier you contact us to plan the honeymoon, the better!

What type of destination are you looking for?

Some people love skiing, snowboarding and mountain climbing - some people love sandy beaches and scuba diving.  Every couple is different - you and your fiance should look at all of the things you would like to do on your honeymoon.  Are you into adventure and new experiences?  Or are you looking for sun-soaking relaxation?  Determine what type of geography and climate you are interested traveling to, but also consider why type of activities you would like to do once you get there.

Special Considerations for travel?

Getting a passport is an easy process... but it takes a while.  If you don't have one already, start the process to get a passport as soon as you can if you are traveling outside of the United States.  There are a couple options for passports - you may not need to get the full booklet passport, but your honeymoon destination dictates which version you will need.  Once you choose your budget and begin looking at possible destinations, start the passport process.

There are some locations that require certain vaccinations as well.  Once you pick your destination, we can help you determine all of the special travel considerations.

Be sure to ask about your cell service out of country also!  You don't want to get a surprise bill from your service provider after your honeymoon!

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